Explore the role and relationship of individuality in twins, especially identical twins

Explore the role and relationship of individuality in twins, especially identical twins.

Individuality refers to a state of being a person or being separate from other individuals

and having different needs and goals. Individuality is a combination of specific personality and

independent traits of a person. It is manifested in terms of temperament, character, habits, and

the prevailing interest in the qualities of cognitive processes such as perception, memory,

thinking, or imagination, individual style among other features. The question of individuality

particularly in identical twins is one of the biggest mysteries that have been studied for a long

time. Naturally, twins have issue regarding whether they are individuals or not. Other people

also hold strong feelings regarding the same issue. Psychological research has shown that twins

have different range of ideas concerning individuality and twinship. Some twins believe that

together, they are part of a whole being and that together they are extraordinarily powerful

human beings. The contention of this essay is that persons are born different individuals and as

they grow they gradually develop and learn to defend their individuality.

Naturally, different people including twins have different combination of psychological

characteristics. This means that individuality is unique in all people including twins.

Developmental psychologists observe that difference and separateness of self and other is a

slowly evolved understanding. All persons begin life as one whole that is not differentiated

from others and does not know the boundary between self and other. However, as one develops

psychologically, they come to understand that they are actually differentiated and separated from

the whole they considered themselves as part of. There are different inborn and environmental

factors that influence and cause differences in twins characters as well as their likes and dislikes.

In general, twins begin life together because they share the same womb. They are

usually brought up together. Research has shown that the twin bond is developed in the womb.

Therefore, because of a shared womb prior to birth and psychological separateness, twins

infinitely desire to be together through out their lives more than non-twins. Furthermore, many

cases in history prove that even twins separated at birth often are extremely similar in their

identity even if they have never met each other.


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