Fall Prevention and Risk Factors among the Elderly in Care Facilities

Fall Prevention and Risk Factors among the Elderly in Care Facilities

In this task you will create a single document that contains your entire Written Capstone Report.


A.  Provide an abstract. (Maximum length 120 words.)

B.  Provide an introduction (suggested length of 4–6 pages) that explains the rationale for the project by doing the following:

1.  Present your topic.

2.  Explain why you chose the topic.

3.  Discuss why the project is important to your discipline.

C.  Explain the problem (suggested length of 3–5 pages) by doing the following:

1.  Outline the problem.

2.  Provide background information of the problem.

3.  Discuss possible causes of the problem.

D.  Create a well-organized literature review of 15–20 professional sources by doing the following:

1.  Outline research for best practices for your topic.

2.  Summarize the professional literature relevant to the topic you have chosen.

3.  Provide a conclusion that interprets how the literature applies to the problem being investigated.

E.  Provide your preliminary reference list.

F.  State your research questions.

G.  Discuss the methodology you used for your project by doing the following:

1.  Discuss the evaluation methods and tools you used.

a.  Discuss the reliability and validity of the evaluation methods and tools you used.

2.  Discuss how the integrity of the data you collected will be maintained.

3.  Discuss your research design.

4.  Explain your research methods.

a.  Explain why you adopted these research methods.

b.  Discuss what caused any differences between what you had planned to do and what you actually did.

5.  Describe the participants in your proposed study.

Note: Include demographic information and any additional relevant characteristics of your target population (e.g., cultural factors, learning styles, education levels, prior learning, motivation).

6.  Describe how you obtained any needed permissions.

H.  Present the results of your project by doing the following:

1.  Outline how your results will be organized and presented.

2.  Provide a data-driven general summary statement of the results.

3.  Analyze each set of data.

a.  Create visual aids (e.g., tables, charts, graphics) to display results.

4.  Discuss the answers to your research questions based on your data analysis.

I.  Discuss the results of your research project by doing the following:

1.  Provide an overview of the project that restates the general purpose of your research.

2.  Summarize your findings.

a.  Explain how the results of your research were obtained.

3.  Recommend possible solutions to your research problem based on your results.

4.  Discuss implications and limitations of the project by doing the following:

a.  Discuss strengths of the project.

b.  Discuss weaknesses of the project.

c.  Discuss problems you noted with the project.

d.  Discuss any factors that may have skewed your findings.

5.  Discuss how the study could be improved.

a.  Recommend areas of your topic that could be further investigated.

b.  Explain what you would do differently if you were to conduct the study again in the future.

i.  Justify these differences.

6.  Critique your master’s degree experience by doing the following:

a.  Reflect on your master’s degree experience.

b.  Reflect on how the experience and skills you have gained can apply in your work environment.

J.  Develop a reference list of all the references you cited in your capstone report.

K.  Create an appendix for your project that includes the following:

1.  Appendices and exhibits important to the project that are referenced in the report, including your entire curriculum unit or instructional product

2.  Data-gathering instruments (e.g., surveys, questionnaires)

3.  The “Informed Consent Form” you used to obtain permission for the participants to take part in your project


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