FAM 1054: Introduction to Child & Youth Work

FAM 1054: Introduction to Child & Youth Work

This assignment is related to the following CLRS:

-CLR-3 Analyze the material to further understand the nature of C.Y.W. work

-CLR-4 Explore one’s experiences and attitudes in relation to the field of Child and Youth Work

Assignment Description

Becoming a Child and Youth Worker requires many skills. One skill is to be resourceful and

conduct research, in order to find ideas and answers to help the children, youth and families

with whom we work. Another skill is to be able to apply the research we acquire. This paper is

a culmination of both research and applying the research. For this assignment, you are to

navigate on The International Child and Youth Care Network [CYC-Net] http://www.cyc-net.org/

and pick an article that interests you and that is personally meaningful to you. Your goal is to

apply the article to Child and Youth Work and discuss how it helps you to understand the role of

a Child and Youth Worker.


A. Topic Approval (5%)

1. Become familiar with CYC-Net – www.cyc-net.org

2. Choose one article from this site. The article must be no more than 10 years old.

3. The article you choose should have some personal meaning and relate to being a CYW.

4. The article must be presented to the professor for approval on or before the Wednesday of Week 4.

5. When submitting the article for approval, attach a one page, typed, cover page that includes the

following information:

a. Your name

b. Article Title

c. Author’s Name

d. Source (include full link from CYC-Net for the article)

e. Date of Article

f. Date of your Submission

B. Journal Submission (15%)


1. Using the following headings, review the chosen and approved article:

a. Summary of the Article (in your words)

b. Personal Meaningfulness of the Article

c. How the Article Helps Me to Understand Child and Youth Work

2. Your finished paper should be a minimum of 4 pages and a maximum of 5 pages (not including

your reference page and title page).

3. Include a title page that has the following information centered:

a. Name of Assignment

b. Instructor’s Name

c. Name of course

d. Date

e. Your name

4. Assignment is to be double-spaced using Times New Roman (12 font).

5. As most of the paper is self-reflection, you can use “I” statements.

6. Direct quotes, reference page and title page are to follow APA referencing style. You do not

need to include a running header on the title page or subsequent pages. However, page

numbers are required. As well, it is assumed that all information in your paper is from this

article; therefore, you can simply reference at the end of each paragraph unless you are using a

direct quote which would need specific referencing within the paper as well. Information and

examples on APA format can be found at http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/


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