Fetal under-nutrition and its effects on the future life

Fetal under-nutrition and its effects on the future life

Nutrition in fetal life could have lifelong implications on the future health of an

individual (1). Some of the possible ramifications include effects on the physiological

properties of an individual and increased exposure to diseases in the future. Continuous

research has availed evidence that some major diseases in later life originate from

alterations in the intrauterine growth and development (2). Such dysfunctions include:

coronary heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, and hypertension. These might occur as a

result of impairment during a critical period of development which causes a permanent

effect on the physiological, structural, and even metabolic processes of the fetus.

The ever changing lifestyles have become a big concern to many people raising

fears over their potential contribution to the rise in lifestyle diseases among pregnant

women. These lifestyle diseases do have an obvious effect on the health of the fetus

which is manifested in the defects that are presented in the adult life. Many of the ready

made foods today are gaining popularity especially with the urban populace in the

society. The major concern in the society is that many contain a lot of cholesterol, fat,

and sugar which are to blame for the increase in the incidences of obesity, cancers,

hypertension, and heart diseases. Their long term ramification is that they often have an

adverse effect on the developing fetus leading to congenital disorders.

Studies carried out on 25,000 people in UK established relationship between the

size of the baby at birth to the occurrence of diabetes, hypertension, and coronary heart

diseases in their middle ages. Those people with disproportionate weight and width at

birth were found to be highly vulnerable to the above mentioned diseases which were

manifested in high glucose insulin concentration, high levels pf cholesterol in their

blood, and high blood pressure.


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