Finance for Strategic Managers: Financial Data and Strategic Decision Making

Finance for Strategic Managers: Financial Data and Strategic Decision Making


An evaluation of the sources of financial data which can be used to inform business strategy.

An assessment of the need for financial data and information in relation to the formulation of business strategy.

An analysis of the risks related to financial business decisions.

A review of methods that can be used for appraising strategic capital expenditure projects and strategic direction.

An interpretation of the financial statements of Samsung PLC to assess the current viability of the organisation.

A comparative analysis of financial data using ratio analysis for Samsung PLC.  You are advised to download consecutive year’s accounts from the Samsung PLC website.

Makes recommendations to Samsung PLC based on your analysis and interpretation of the financial position.

The impact of ‘creative accounting’ techniques when making strategic decisions.

The limitations of ratio analysis as a tool for strategic decision making.

The importance of cash flow management when evaluating proposals for capital expenditure.

Recommends, with justifications, methods and tools that allow businesses to analyses financial data for strategic decision-making purposes.

Prepare a report that evaluates the capital expenditure proposals using appropriate financial techniques.

To gain a distinction grade you must include an assessment of the impact of the business proposal on the strategic direction of the organisation.

Samsung is a South Korean multinational organization that was founded in 1938 by Lee Byung-chul. The organization started as a trading company, but has grown and diversified its services into textile, securities, electronics, insurance, food processing, and construction and shipbuilding (Samsung PLC, 2020).

Net present value (NPV) method determines the viability of a project by comparing the present value of all future cash flows against the initial cash outlay. NPV method proposes that a viable project should have a positive NPV, and if competing projects have positive NPV, the project with the highest NPV should be chosen. NPV methods factors time value of money, which makes it a desirable appraisal method in capital budgeting.


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