Genetically Modified Food in Saudi Arabia and the Consumer Knowledge Available

Genetically Modified Food in Saudi Arabia and the Consumer Knowledge Available

GM food in general (that is history, technology) then make it specific and write about saudi arabia. Make aims and objectives in sentences (paragraphs) not as point (1,2,3).
Aim is: to measure the level of GM food awareness in two groups of people in Saudi Arabia; health practitioners and the general public.
1- To examine Saudi consumer awareness of the existence of Genetically Modified Foods in the country.
2- To examine the perception of consumers towards GMO risk to their health and the environment.
3- Labelling importance of genetic modified foods in Saudi Arabia.

Genetically modified (GM) food represents a class of foods that contain or are derived from those organisms whose genetic make-up (DNA) has undergone a modification or alteration for a particular purpose (SAASTA, 2010, p.1). As an example, a plant (consumed as food) could have its DNA modified in-order to acquire an extra gene that is sourced from another organism (such as bacteria) hence gaining the property of insect resistance; a survival trait. In the altered genetic state, the plant or any other food material including animal products is not in its natural state of origin (Bakr and Ayinde, 2013, p.8). Through use of genetic engineering, novel augmented varieties of food-crops are produced maturing quickly in comparison to conventional breeding, and can also be tolerant to disease, drought, insects and herbicidal chemicals while also providing an enhanced level of nutritional content (Fresco, 2001, p.3). As the global population level grows more food is required and with a reduction in acreage available for adequate food production, the yield per crop is paramount which makes genetic modification a noble tool in contemporary agriculture. The introduction of GM foods became a reality from the mid-1990s, a period of the scientific revolution within the agricultural paradigms, and from that pioneering period to the current times they have unremittingly generated unsettled controversies (Bakr and Ayinde, 2013, p.9).


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