Global Reaction at the face of terror and Tyranny in Syria

Global Reaction at the face of terror and Tyranny in Syria

Globalization Pitfalls and Potentials

Present a persuasive argument for innovative ways in which we can minimize the threats or maximize the benefits of a particular aspect of the increasingly globalized political culture. Choose a complex problem where there are no clear right answers. And do not just present the difficulties; bring us the remedies. The uniqueness of your intellectual contributions to the discussion and your success in supporting them will determine the value of the paper. Proffered language style   US English



  1. The essay is about the global peace ,impact of world insecurity and the need to protect human rights even in cases of suspicion of terror and criminal background.The major issues to be addressed in the essay include the role of the United states as a global superpower in ensuring its foreign policies to sovereign states can improve and support peace in countries like Syria.It also focuses on the handling of perceived terror organizations and role played by the United nations security council in ensuring protection of lives in war torn nations across the globe .
  2. The Syrian instability is sustaining itself and threatening world peace and they are classified as having weapons of mass destruction.In 2010,the US renewed sanctions against Syria on grounds of it supporting terror groups
  3. In 2013 the UN chemical inspector establishes the use of chemical weapons in attacks of a Goutta area of Damascus killing about 300 Syrians
  4. Thesis; America as global superpower should develop a strong stand on the Syrian case and the UN as the global human right protection agency should take action on the state

Body paragraph 1

Significance of the stand of American leadership on this issue

Body paragraph 2

The stand of the United nations on the issue, including the backing of the countries with veto power on the United nations council

Body paragraph 3

  1. Discussion on the stand of countries in the middle east and how the unrest in Syria is affecting them
  2. Increase in citizen insecurity related to criminal activities in the country
  3. Safety issues and impacts on neighboring countries and allies

Body paragraph 4

  1. Discussion on the possible positive impacts of US stand on the security situation
  2. Other veto power states like France and UK will assist in the provision of long lasting solutions
  3. The united nations as a world governing body will provide proper direction and recommendations
  4. Problems will arise from Syrian leaders to agreeing to the conditions provided by the UN and America

Body paragraph 5

America and does not have to follow the recommendations of Middle East countries and Russia on security issues.However,at at times they follow them.

Body chapter 6

  1. Discuss procedures and approaches taken by US to offer a Syria solution
  2. Discuss probability of Syria agreeing to embracing peace
  3. Discuss ways that US and other partners can ensure stoppage of hostilities with Syria


  1. America needs to lead in global peace and democracy and does not need to be reactive but proactive
  2. Restate thesis
  3. The effort needs to reestablish the role of America as the leading democracy and an advocate of human rights protection


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