Globalization is a political rather than economic movement

Provide an argument either for or against the statement that globalization is a political rather than economic movement.

Length No more than 1950 words (essay)

(1850-1950 words)

Marked out of 100 worth 25% of final grade


(i) Provide an argument either for or against the proposition that

branding is the most important aspect of a modern business.

(ii) Provide an argument either for or against the statement that there is

no difference between a manager in public enterprise and a

manager in private enterprise.

(iii) Provide an argument either for or against the statement

that globalization is a political rather than economic movement.


 You are required to answer only one (1) of the above questions by

constructing an argument in support of your position.

 You are reminded that an essay is an argument you therefore need to

choose a position and defend it.

 You will need to clearly identify your terms and justify these terms through the

use of example.

 You are reminded that all justification will need to be supported with references.

 In order to answer this question you will need to access books and articles.

Aims & Objectives of this paper

Provide knowledge and understanding of management and organization theory

Evaluate a diversity of management approaches.

 Learning Outcomes:

-Critically interrogate academic management concepts and theories relevant to

contemporary business practice.

Explain and evaluate the relevance of selected historical management theories.-

Critically assess selected management trends.-

 Assignments must be typed.

Feel free to use graphs, tables, diagrams and photos. Make sure also that you spell and

grammar check your assignments before handing them in. If you do not then this is the

easiest way to lose marks.

I am also only really interested in your opinions so do make an effort to include

them in your assignments but you do need to justify them with facts, figures and

examples and back them up with appropriate references.

 Language Use

 Make sure you define all your terms and are specific about any location.

 Acronyms should be translated in full into English first and then the acronym

may be used for the remainder of the assignment. For example: Work and

Income New Zealand (WINZ).

 Name all national institutions or corporations in full.

 Countries and groupings of countries should be referred to by their full title

(Asia, Europe and America are all ambiguous and should not be used). For

example, use the United States of America (USA) and the United Kingdom

(UK) for these countries.

 When discussing an author’s work write in the present tense. For example

you should write, Jones (2007) claims that rather than, Jones (2007) claimed

that …’

 Never use bullets or numbered points in essay assignments and instead of

merely listing, discuss arguments.

 Write, where possible, using the active voice. Never use contractions like

I’m and can’t. These should be written in full such as I am and cannot.

 Avoid gender-specific language. For example, if you are referring to the

work of a manager, refer to him or her rather than just him.

 Avoid words such as lots, heaps many, most, some, huge, few, unless you can

justify the use. Bear in mind that most means more that 50% of x.

 Do not use jargon OR slang expressions.

 When citing an author or authors as evidence for your argument, ensure you

engage with that claims of those authors. Just writing a citation does not

represent critical thinking.


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