Hendrick Hudson Board of Education v. Rowley

Hendrick Hudson Board of Education v. Rowley

Answer the following about the court case Hendrick Hudson Board of Education v

Rowley 458 US 176 (1982) as this is the minimal information required:

1. The style and date of the case (who sued who?)

2. The decision of the case (what the court decided).

3. How this impacts our practice today.

Overview of the Case

The Hendrick Hudson Board of Education v. Rowley case was decided in 1982 and it

involved the education of Amy Rowley, a deaf student. Amy’s parents and the administrators of

the Furnace Woods Elementary School agreed on the study arrangements of the student before

she joined kindergarten. According to the Education for All Handicapped Children Act

(EAHCA), school boards were required to offer a free and appropriate public education (FAPE)

to disabled students. The EAHCA was passed in 1975 to solve the problems of the exclusion of

disabled children from schools and the provision of education that was not suited to their needs.

The participating states were required by the EAHCA to provide FAPE for all disabled students.

The students were entitled to an individualized education program (IEP) in an unrestrictive

environment. In order to provide her with an IEP, Amy received education in a regular classroom

and she used an FM hearing aid to amplify words from the teacher. The staff members at the

school also underwent training in sign-language in order to enhance Amy’s learning process.

These arrangements enabled Amy to complete kindergarten successfully.

When Amy proceeded to first grade, her IEP was revised and the parents and

administrators decided that she would continue receiving instruction in regular classrooms with

the help of the FM hearing aid. In addition to that, she was supposed to be taught daily for one

hour by a tutor for the deaf. She was also supposed to receive three hours’ speech therapy every

week. Her parents also requested for a sign language interpreter to be provided for the student

but it was decided that an interpreter was not needed after a trial period.


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