Henri Fayol’s theories still form the basis of management practices and teachings in the 21st century. Discuss.

Fayol’s theories still form the basis of management practices and teachings in the 21st century. Discuss.

Henri Fayol’s management theories were first proposed in the early 1900s. Despite many

criticisms, Fayol’s theories still form the basis of management practices and teachings in

the 21st century.


Write an essay discussing this statement by conducting a review of recent literature and

drawing on selected real world examples of management practice.


Compulsory assessment task: Students must complete all assessment tasks for this unit in

order to be considered for a pass grade or better. It is therefore compulsory to submit

Assignment 1.

Due date: Online submission to MIBT Portal by 1.00 pm on Tuesday 31 July 2012.

Assessment marks: This assignment is worth 20 marks, which is 20% of your final grade.

Word limit: 2000 words (+ or – 10%; excluding References).

Sources: Students must use at least eight (8) academic references for this assignment. At

least four of these must be articles from academic journals. Other academic references may

include university textbooks but not Wikipedia. See the list of journals on the Portal in

week 1. In addition to your academic references you may include news reports in

referencing examples of management practice.

Sources to help you to start the assignment:

Brunsson, KH 2008, ‘Some Effects of Fayolism’, International Studies of Management &

Organisation, vol. 38, no. 1, Spring, pp 30-47.

McLean, J 2011, ‘Fayol – standing the test of time’, British Journal of Administrative

Management, Spring, pp 32-33.

Parker, LD & Ritson, PA 2005, ‘Revisiting Fayol: Anticipating Contemporary

Management’, British Journal of Management, vol. 16, pp 175-194.

Pryor, MG & Taneja, S 2010 ‘Henri Fayol, practitioner and theoretician – revered and

reviled’, Journal of Management History, vol. 16, issue 4, pp 489-503.

Wren, DA 2001, ‘Henri Fayol as strategist: a nineteenth century corporate turnaround’,

Management Decision, vol. 39, issue 6, pp 475-487.

Citations and references: all ideas from reading sources must be correctly cited and

referenced using the Deakin author-date (Harvard) system.


1. Students are required to submit their assignment (in MS Word) online in a

designated area in the unit on the Portal.

2. A signed and dated MIBT cover sheet MUST be attached to the assignment. Papers

submitted without an MIBT cover sheet cannot be assessed.

3. Students MUST ensure the following:

a. the paper is typed, with 1.5 line spacing

b. page numbers are included

4. No extensions will be considered for assignment submission due dates without the

approval of the Unit Coordinator. If you believe you have circumstances beyond

your control that make you eligible to apply for an extension, you must apply

directly to the Unit Coordinator, Terry Gibson, via e-mail: tgibson@deakin.edu.au

Supporting documentation must be provided.


Your results and assessor’s comments will normally become available to you within 15

business days of the due date (unless an extension has been granted). Marks can be

accessed from the Portal once the Unit Coordinator has released the marks (ie after all

marking has been completed). Papers will be returned to students via the Portal. You will

be advised by e-mail when marked papers are ready for you to access.

Before results are returned to students, the unit team will moderate the marking process to

ensure that the same marking standards are applied to all students within the unit. If

necessary, you may request additional information from your lecturer.

Please note that it is compulsory to submit Assignment 1, but it is not compulsory to pass

Assignment 1 in order to pass the unit.

If you wish to discuss your essay results with your lecturer, you MUST ensure you have the

marked grade form, and can justify why you believe the grade to be incorrect. This means

you will need to provide evidence from the Grade Form (at the end of the assignment) to

support your claim before a review will be conducted. Your lecturer will then examine

your essay to determine if a review of the grade is warranted. Should your lecturer

ascertain so, your lecturer will notify the Unit Coordinator. A request for a review of

results will only be accepted by the Unit Coordinator from a lecturer within 5 days of

the marks being released. Please remember, receiving a disappointment result is not a

justification for review.


In this literature review essay students have the opportunity to demonstrate their

understanding of management through a practical and realistic approach to their basic

research methods and discussion of relevant real-life applications.

Researching, writing and referencing skills are valuable in all facets of management

practice. Effective writing is an essential skill for good managers because written

documents provide busy executives with accurate information and appropriately informed

viewpoints from reliable sources. Poorly researched work leads to poor decision-making,

thereby compromising management.

Students are also expected to be constructively critical and analytical when they write about

what they have read. This is important because an important aspect of presenting material

to senior managers is to provide a balanced viewpoint; that is, to present alternative

interpretations and to outline both the positives and negatives of any particular option. This

ensures that the conclusions drawn are not biased.

Please note that all ideas within your essay which have been obtained from your sources,

will need to be cited and referenced using the Deakin author-date (Harvard) system.

This system is used for other assignments submitted for Faculty of Business and Law units.

These are the reasons why you need to develop your academic writing skills and learn the

art of constructive essay writing.


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