History of sculpture as it relates to Archaic Greek to Classical Greek, to Donatello and Michelangelo to Rodin and post Rodin modern sculpture

Detail the history of sculpture as it relates to the following: Archaic Greek to Classical Greek, to Donatello and Michelangelo to Rodin and post Rodin modern sculpture.

The art of sculpting has been in existence since the prehistoric times. Like other forms

of art practiced by man, sculpting has a long and rich history comprising various stages through

which it has evolved. Art historians argue that, the earliest sculptors used materials like ivory

and clay. For many centuries, sculpture was made for different reasons in human life. The

earliest sculpture was perhaps made to provide magical power to hunters (Fowler, 2005). When

civilizations began to rise, sculptures were used symbolize gods. Ancient Monarchs, probably

hoping they would become immortal, had their resemblances carved, and this gave birth to

portrait sculpture. Even though, it is not necessarily true that, the Greeks or the Egyptians were

the first creators of sculpture; this art form has been an important component of their day to day

activities. Today, it is well known that the ancient Egyptians created many sculptures which

were developed for aesthetic purposes, as well as, for ritual observation. Ancient Egyptians

created sculptures of Pharaohs and Sphinxes (Marquand & Frothingham, 2001). Some of the

sculptures created by ancient Egyptians have survived up to date. In both ancient Egypt and

Greece, sculpture was used in religious rituals or in honoring personalities who were held in high

esteem in the religious or political arena. The Greeks are also acknowledged for creating fine,

beautiful and long-lasting pieces that reflect values and ideals of their time. The Greeks created

sculptures that portrayed wonderfully created men and women (Marquand & Frothingham,

2001). Even the early Christians used statues of demons and devils in the churches as way of

reminding illiterate churchgoers about the presence of evil.

Since the beginnings of sculpting until now, sculpture has been fundamentally

monumental (Marquand & Frothingham, 2001). During 15th century, monuments to faith heroes

in the Bible were built in Italian cities.


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