How Brand Image & Expansion has created a Competitive Advantage for Virgin Media in the United Kingdom Market?

How Brand Image & Expansion has created a Competitive Advantage for Virgin Media in the United Kingdom Market?


1. To find out how the Brand Image has positively created a competitive advantage for Virgin Media in the media market.

2. To examine how their entry into the media market changed the structure of their competitors.

3. To examine the Brand advantage of their major competitors and the possible long term success of Virgin Media.

4. To examine how competitors (British Sky Broadcasting, BT Group, 02, TalkTalk, Vodafone) parameters of the market were affected by their new entrant.

5. To examine how their brand performed in terms of gaining buyers and the rate at which they were purchased with their M & A with NTL, Telewest and Virgin Mobile UK.

6. To investigate the perceptions of Virgin Media takeover among Telewest and NTL customers.

1.How strong is the Virgin Media Brand Image in the media market?
2.How has Virgin media used Brand Imaging to enter the media market

Within the increasingly competitive domestic and international markets, business

organizations have to devise strategies that can enable them remain relevant in the marketplace

in order to be part of modern business scene. Building a unique brand image enables an

organization to create a competitive advantage and thus remain relevant in today’s marketplace.

Brand image refers to the present view of the customer’s concerning a brand. It is a distinct set of

associations in the minds of target audience or a set of beliefs concerning a given brand

 (McLoughlin & Aaker 2010, p. 184). In short, a brand image is the sum total of the functional

and emotional qualities that a customer associates to a product or service.

A brand plays a critical role in helping a get and be part of the contemporary business

scene. It shows what a given brand currently stands for (Chernatony, McDonald, & Wallace

2010, p. 241).


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