How Does “The Heart of Change” Influence My Behavior as a Manager?

How Does “The Heart of Change” Influence My Behavior as a Manager?

The integrative paper should be organized around the eight steps in Kotter and Cohen’s The Heart of Change. How are the concepts in the textbook and course overviews consistent or inconsistent with Kotter and Cohen’s key themes and their reasoning? For each of the eight steps in The Heart of Change, how does the theme and reasoning influence your expected behavior as a manager? What behaviors will you change and what behaviors will you increase?

I suggest formatting your paper into “step” sections. Ensure that the questions above are addressed for each of the eight steps.

Make certain you use citations when referring to specific sections of the textbook, other research, and The Heart of Change. This not only helps clarify which book you are discussing, but citations are necessary to avoid plagiarism. This is a relatively short paper, and should not exceed 7-10 pages double-spaced not including the cover page and reference page. Ensure that the paper has an introduction and conclusion.

According to Kotter and Cohen (2002), successful change is achieved through a pattern of “see-feel-change” rather than “analysis-think-change” (p. 11). In the see-fee-change model, people realize there is a problem at any stage in change process. The change leaders create compelling, dramatic and eye-catching situations to help others in visualizing the problem or its solution. The visualizations arouse feelings that aid constructive change such as optimism and urgency. They also get rid of feelings that hinder the progress of change such as fear, complacency and cynicism. As a result, the feelings aroused in the people change their behavior. The people become less complacent and work hard without giving up until the vision is accomplished. Conversely, in the analysis-think-change method, change leaders gather information and analyze it. They write reports and make presentations about the existing problems and solutions, as well as progress in solving other problems. As a result of the analysis, the people’s thinking is influenced and ideas which are incompatible with the required change are abandoned or amended. The new thoughts alter behavior or reinforce the people’s changed behavior. This analysis suggests that the method of see-feel-change is the most effective in achieving organizational change as it appeals to the emotions of the employees.


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