How does therapeutic communication differ from social communication?

How does therapeutic communication differ from social communication?

State your understanding of the definition of communication, What is included

in communication, When does communication occur. How does therapeutic

communication differ from social communication. Describe the importance of

communication in your role as a student nurse. Write an interaction you had with a

patient during a previous clinical week, It is to include relevant history, setting

information, the goal of the encounter, (verbatim) therapeutic conversation and

nonverbal communication. identify each communication technique which was used.

label each as therapeutic or nontherapeutic. For nontherapeutic techniques, identify

alternative techniques that may have been more effective. Just one or two exchanges in

a conversation is necessary. No abstracts, no bullets, paragraphs only, left justification

only, 1 inch margins double spacing, no extra spacing between paragraphs, font size 12,

times roman only, Reference page required, no abbreviations or jargon, all

abbreviations must be spelled out the first time it is used in the paper, Resources must

come from a medical or nursing journal only, less than 2 years old. all sources whether

paraphrased or directly quoted must be cited in text and then put on the reference page.

No long quotes. 1 short quote may be used. Wikipedia and any nonprofessional sources

may not be used.

Communication is at the core of the nursing profession. Communicating with clients in

the health care field is largely interpersonal, between two individuals; i.e., the nurse and the

customer. Communication between the nurse and a client has a different aim from

communication in social settings. On one hand, social communication is started for purposes of

companionship and enjoyment of other people’s company. Mutually shared needs are fulfilled

through social interaction. On the other hand, communication between the nurse and a client is

therapeutic. The purpose of this form of communication is to create a beneficial relationship

between a nurse and a client (Deborah 185). In other words, irrespective of the length of the

contact, communication between a nurse and a client should contribute towards the healing

and/or restoration of a client. In this kind of communication, the nurse places the client’s needs

ahead of his or her personal needs (Kimberly 23).


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