How the role of the human service professional can be effective in dealing with domestic violence

How the role of the human service professional can be effective in dealing with domestic violence

Domestic Violence Statistics. Review the American Bar Association webpage on

Domestic Violence Statistics: Prevalence of Domestic Violence which gives

statistics among various categories of race, age, gender, ethnic background, etc.

After reviewing this article, post a statement of how the role of the human service

professional can be effective in this situation. What was your personal reaction to

the vast array of statistics for this crisis?

Domestic violence happens to any individual irrespective of age, gender, race,

ethnicity, nationality, social status, religion, or sexual orientation. It affects people from all

education levels and socioeconomic backgrounds. Studies show that domestic violence in the

United States take place in both heterosexual and homosexual relationships and can occur to

intimate persons who are cohabiting, married or dating. Generally, more than 85 % victims of

domestic violence in the U.S are women. Approximately, 1.3 million women in the United

States are physically assaulted each year (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2003).

One of the major reasons why the prevalence of domestic violence has been increasing in the

U.S is because most cases are not reported to law enforcement officers.

The role of human services professional can be effective in this situation if a multifaceted

approach to the menace of domestic violence is adopted. This means that in each individual case

of domestic violence, human service providers should engage all stakeholders including the

victims, perpetrators, law enforcers and members of the concerned families. In the case of the

victims, service providers should find ways of helping victims get protection from further

violence. Some approaches that human service professionals can use include helping the victims

report the case, get a protective court order, design and implement a safety plan or get

encouragement from support group of people recovering from domestic violence.

Most importantly, since prevention is better than cure, service providers should devise

cost effective ways of sensitizing the public on how to sense dangerous behavior that points to

possibility of being exposed to domestic violence.


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