HR587 Change management concept as it applies to an organization or a case study

HR587 Change management concept as it applies to an organization or a case study

 Write a 2-3 page analysis on the change management concept as it applies to an organization or a case study of choice from the text.

 Use the numbered items for each assignment as main headings. The lettered items may be used as subheadings.

This approach will help insure assignment criteria are included.

Week 3 Assignment: Images Paper

The Images paper focuses on the six different images of managing change. These images of change represent the

various ways managers view the most effective strategy to bring about change. Each one represents a mindset that is

unique to a manager as they try to summarize the key components of change. This paper should focus on evidence that

demonstrates how the management of the organization integrated one or more of the Six Images of managing change.

Then, what management could have done differently to increase the probability of a more successful change?

1. Introduction

a. Briefly explain the change management initiative.

b. Briefly explain the importance of the Images concepts and application to the change management initiative

2. Application Analysis

a. Provide a history of information from your organization or case study that supports the change management

initiative. Provide a review of the change management process related to your chosen topic.

b. After providing this review of the change, based on how the change was managed, how would you assess the

people/person who managed this change? What Image would you use to describe the change manager(s) style

and why?

3. Lessons Learned

a. Briefly explain what you have learned by applying the concept to the strategic change initiative.

b. Based on what you learned, explain in some detail how a practicing manager could use this knowledge to better

manage change.

c. Identify any mistakes that were made in using the change concept and how you would fix the situation.

Week 5 Assignment: Vision Paper

In the Vision paper write a: 1) Vision Statement (picture or story of our future and what we are going to become); 2)

Mission Statement (overreaching reason for existing and aim or highest purpose); and Strategy (identifies the key

approaches in which we will implement the vision and defines the competitive advantages that will lead to winning in

the marketplace) for the organization or selected case study from the Week 3 assignment. These statements must be

supported with information from their organization or the case.

1. Introduction

a. Briefly explain the concepts of vision, mission, and strategy statements.

2. Statements

a. Share the name of your organization (real or case study) and provide a history of the organization or case study.

b. Write a vision, mission, and strategy statements for your organization or case study.

3. Statement Validation

a. From a theoretical standpoint, thoroughly explain the value of these statements to an organization.

b. How can the vision, mission, and strategy drive change in the organization?

c. How can the vision, mission and strategy statements put limits on the organization when it comes to change?


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