HRMD_410 – Assume you are the Staffing Manager in a large U.S. organization

HRMD_410 – Assume you are the Staffing Manager in a large U.S. organization


Assume you are the Staffing Manager in a large U.S. organization with 2,000-plus employees.  At a monthly HR professional meeting, the speaker addressed the increasing support of the “Ban the Box” legislation by the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.  Because your organization is fully committed to eliminating any policy, procedure, practice, or behavior that would endanger the safety and well-being of all stakeholders, “Ban the Box” concerns you.

To prepare for the potential passage of this legislation, write an executive summary to present to the HRM Director addressing how (a) you would prepare for and implement such a process within your organization, and (b) the staffing procedures would be affected for both Human Resources and the managers/supervisors in the organization.

  • Training & Development

The Vice-President of Finance has come to you to assist with a problem she is experiencing.  The errors in payroll processing and related benefits administration are increasing at a rate that is unacceptable.  These include, but are not limited to:

  • Time records are not submitted by the weekly deadlines, or if submitted, they are unsigned, inaccurate, and/or erroneously reported.  This requires reissuing checks.
  • Time records are changed to reflect schedules that violate overtime rules for federal contractors, such as your employer.
  • Employees’ regular work schedules are changed without completing the required paperwork, which affects employee eligibility for some benefits.

Using what you know about the (1) employment and wage and hour, and (2) the Training & Development (T&D) function, what steps will you take to assist the VP with correcting these practices within the organization?

  • Performance Management & HRIS

Assume you are an HR practitioner for a medium-sized retail fashion company that employs a total of 500 employees in New York City, Houston, and Montreal. The owner is considering the implementation of an HRIS to generate, track, process, and report the results of the annual employee performance appraisals.  As the organization grows, and hopefully expands to other major cities, the goal is to be able to obtain company-wide data to (a) provide information concerning current individual employee performance, and (b) identify employees for future management positions.

She has asked you to prepare an overview of the factors that should be considered in her decision.  Your response is to include, at a minimum, the following:

  • How such a system would affect the HR department
  • Advantages to the employees and the organization, and
  • Ethical and legal issues

Your response should be written from an HR viewpoint, not from that of an IT or project management professional. In other words, you should concentrate on HRIS’s impact on HR practices, not on the minute technical details of implementing such a system.


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