HST5605 Leadership and Health Advocacy Skills – Health communication and culture

HST5605 Leadership and Health Advocacy Skills – Health communication and culture


In Assignment 2 you will develop an Evaluative (interpretive) Annotated Bibliography on a narrowed version of

one of the two topics identified below.


1. Use library research skills to access original resources;

2. Narrow a topic to appropriately fit the assignment purpose and scope;

3. Develop a properly structured annotated bibliography;

4. Interpret the attributes of leadership and effective advocacy in health organisations and on health issues

and to effect change; and

5. Critically discuss strategies and methods for collaboration and partnership between organisations to achieve

health goals.


Assignment Topics

The topics for this semester are:

1. Health communication and culture OR

2. Consumer participation in health-related decision making.

Please select one of these broad topics and then narrow it sufficiently to suit the scale and scope of assignment.

Main Components of Assignment: (2500 word count or less)

ECU Assignment Cover Page

Table of Contents

Introduction (~200 words)

Body (including 10 entries) (~2000 words)

Conclusion (~200 words)

Appendix 1: Topic narrowing logic

Appendix 2: First page of published sources

Introduction should consist of one paragraph that introduces the reader to the topic and how it is narrowed

(perhaps in the form of a question to explore).

Conclusion should consist of one paragraph synthesising the topical insights gained from the sources

documented within the annotated bibliography.

Hawk_HST5605_v1.14 Assignment 2 Instructions Page 2

Appendix 1: Topic Narrowing Logic: This may be presented in any concise, effective form; but, diagrammatic

display is preferred (such as a mind map or a hierarchical outline).

Appendix 2: First Page of Published Sources: Please provide a copy of the first page of each published source?

that contains the published citation and a partial introduction or abstract. Please include in one PDF file to be

emailed to your tutor.

References or Source type: academic peer-reviewed journal articles from 2009 or more recent

Reference number: a minimum of 10 journal articles

Annotation length: Approximately 200 words each (excluding reference)

Bibliographic style: APA

Writing style: Full sentences

Type of annotated bibliography: descriptive and evaluative (interpretive)

Annotations should include most of the following:

 The main focus or purpose and audience of the work;

 The content of the source – e.g., subjects covered; major arguments supported;

 Special features of the work that were unique, helpful or successful;

 Features that are poor and/or the content that is left out;

 Conclusions or observations reached by the author;

 Conclusions or observations reached by you;

 The usefulness or relevance to your topic.


 Line spacing: 1.5

 Font: Arial

 Font size: 12 point font


 Marks will be allocated on the basis of critical thinking and development of argument, written

expression, structure, content, and referencing.

 A marking guide for this assignment is available on the unit Blackboard site.


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