Managing Ethically

You have been given the following tasks:

Task 1

Your first action should be to disseminate across the organisation the necessary ethical issues that must be taken under consideration and introduce a number of ethical principles in the form of a framework regulating how decision-making will take place in the future across the organisation.

You should include:

a) An evaluation of the role of ethics in decision-making.- Provide a clear statement on the role of ethics for decision-making at different organisational levels with the use of specific examples. You should explain how the HR department will be able to help individuals and other departments during the process.

b) A Discussion of the characteristics of an ethical organisation.-Present an idea scenario using the characteristics of an ethical organisation and list several factors that can be used to assess whether the existing practices are acceptable and to what extent corrective actions are needed. You should explain how the HR department will be monitoring the implementation of changes.

c) An Assessment of the impact of clear codes of practice.- Provide examples of ethical codes of practice and each section of the proposed code should be analysed in relation to how the organisation can adhere to the proposed practices. You should explain the role of different departments in creating such codes of practice and the way the HR department will formalise them.

Task 2 

Your report should attempt to summarise how the organisation’s different stakeholder groups approach ethical management.

You should include:

  1. A description of the key stakeholders of a range of organisations.- Explain how the HR department would need to adapt its support and training provision to ensure the transition to new managerial practices.

b) Discussion on how different stakeholders approach ethical management. – Explain how the organisation should put a strategic plan in place to ensure that its ethical initiatives are fully aligned with the needs of different stakeholders. You should explain the way the HR department will ensure that different stakeholder groups will participate.

Task 3

You should provide an overview of the legal framework affecting the way businesses conduct ethical management. Your report should provide sufficient description of the existing legislation and regulations in relation to the effect on organisations.

You should include:

a) A description of the common laws of contract and tort.- Explain how this legislation impacts the responsibilities of the HR department.

b) An explanation of the duty of care of organisations.- Discuss in detail how an ethical organisation should exercise duty of care towards its workforce and provide specific examples of the necessary practices needed. You should explain how the HR department can monitor whether the organisation exercise duty of care towards its employees.

c) Discussion of the importance of mental health and employee wellbeing.- Discuss in detail the concept of employee well being and how this can be achieved in the working environment.

d) Discussion of effective management of health and safety.- Explain how the most recent legislation and current regulations govern the provisions a business must have in place to ensure health and safety standards are adhered to. You should explain the means used by an HR department for informing staff about the organisation’s health and safety policy.

Task 4

The report should conclude with a detailed set of guidelines for introducing a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy, supported by specific initiatives directed towards local communities and the public in general.

You should include:

a)An analysis  of the characteristics of corporate social responsibility.- Explain the role of the HR department in implementation of the organisation’s CSR policy.

b) Evaluation of the significance of governance to corporate social responsibility.- Explain the importance of CSR for the organisation’s image but also emphasise how important it is to have the necessary governance in place so any CSR initiatives are implemented in an appropriate way in line with the organisation’s vision and mission statement. You should explain the role of the HR department in governing the CSR policy and associated procedures.

c) Discussion of the role of corporate social responsibility in strategic planning.- explain how the CSR policy should be aligned to other policies and provide specific examples on how CSR initiatives are likely to be affected by the existence of strategic plans triggered from other policies.


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