Human Rights Contravention of Mentally Ill Persons: Australian Case

Human Rights Contravention of Mentally Ill Persons: Australian Case

Analyse the contravention of human rights among People with mental illness

Length: Strictly 1500 words Weighting: 40%

Topic: Analyse the contravention of human rights among People with mentall illness

Note that your analysis must focus on a particular Australian case of a human rights violation involving one or more members of the selected group reported in the media since the year 2000. The items must come from reputable, mainstream, national print, e.g., the Australian, Melbourne Age and Sydney Morning Herald, and electronic media, i.e., ABC or SBS news and current affairs only. Be prepared to track the case through a series of reports.

Twenty-five percent of the mark for this assignment is based on the general marking scheme outlined previously. The remaining 75% of marks are allocated according to the following criteria.

Specific Marking Criteria Notes Mark (%)

Identification of the specific group and description of the particular case. The description must be no more 100 words and based on your own words rather than quotes from media reports. 5%

Identification of the particular human right(s) breached according to specific United Nations source documents. It is not sufficient to simply cite articles from the Universal Declaration. 20%

Discussion of the nature and scope of the contravention and identification of the violators according to the media report. You must provide relevant facts and figures given in the report and found from further sources to show the dimensions of the breach. 20%

Description of the outcome of the violation according to the media report. Note whether a case was brought against the violators or the groups were compensated. 15%

Evaluation of the outcome of the violation in terms of International and/or domestic law and theory of social justice. You must determine whether or not the outcome was both lawful and just, and argue why? 15%

Include a title page, introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion and a reference page using APA formatting. Page numbers to start after title page and are to be on bottom right hand corner of the page. No running head. Minimum of 5 references plus newspaper articles.

Case description: Aboriginal Australians or Torres-Strait-Islanders are most affected communities by mental illnesses and rights contravention. In the year 2001 an intellectually challenged aborigine man, Marlon Noble, was jailed for a crime he had not committed and lacking guilt-conviction by the courts. He got accused of sexually abusing two girls, but two years later was deemed unfit to stand trial due to mental illness being jailed indefinitely as he got perceived a risk. After ten years of unwarranted detention in a prison enclosure, he was released on restricted terms that placed him under close supervision.


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