Identify and discuss the current strategy of Pearson Australia

Identify and discuss the current strategy of Pearson Australia.

It will be based on how well you research, conceptualise, critically

analyse/evaluate and apply the theory based components of this course together

with your ability to construct and communicate a well-argued conclusion to the

questions. This paper is a part of an essay, which is body of an essay. You

have to argue based on the essay question.

The question is:

Identify and discuss the current strategy of Pearson Australia. (This should

be 70% of the total content of the paper)

 Justify whether you believe the current strategy is appropriate for

the organisation or whether it needs to change. (This should be the

rest of the content of the paper, which is 30%)

Pearson Australia is one of the leading educational publishers in the world. The company

offers textbooks, software solutions, integrated services and online testing. Pearson Australia is

a member of the Pearson family that comprises consumer publishers through Penguin and

business information via the Financial Times Group (Pearson Australia, 2012, Para 2). The

company provides educational and assessment products services in over sixty-five countries

worldwide. Its major products include MyLabs, assessment programme, and digital homework

among others. The company’s overall mission is characterised by its desire to help learning


Pearson Australia’s current strategy is prudently informed by the ever-changing market

conditions and changes in the industry. In particular, Pearson appreciates the fact that market

conditions are weak for print publishing enterprises especially in the developed (Pearson, 2013,

Para 2). However, market conditions are relatively strong in the emerging economies and for

digital and services providers. In addition, the ongoing structural changes in retail outlets,

educational funding, and consumer behavior have made market conditions and the industry

highly unpredictable (Pearson, 2013, Para 2). Nevertheless, the company acknowledges that

there are substantial growth opportunities within the education sector because of the expanding

global middle class consumers, taking on of learning technologies, the relationship between

education and work prospects, and rising consumer spend, particularly in the emerging



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