Identify some of the ways technology is changing teaching and learning

Identify and discuss some of the ways technology is leading to changes in

teaching and learning

Please select an item from the list below to respond

 Describe and discuss some of the structural social and economic changes

that are affecting education in a digital age

 Describe and discuss some of the key skills that are needed in a digital age

 Identify and discuss some of the ways technology is leading to changes in

teaching and learning

 Discuss the extent to which contemporary developments require changes in

how we teach and how students learn

How Technology is Changing Teaching and Learning

The use of technology in educational settings has led to numerous changes in teaching and learning. For example, it has led to the ease of course administration for the instructors. Instead of keeping track of the students’ grades manually, teachers can use course management software such as WebCT and Blackboard to store the results electronically (Murphy, 2007). Technology also enables teachers to communicate easily with the students through emails or posting information on webpages. They can also easily grade students’ assessments that are done online and give them instant feedback.

Technology also has an impact on collaboration and communication between teachers and learners. It offers new synchronous communication tools such as virtual classrooms and video conferencing and asynchronous ones, including discussion boards, email, and blogs. Such tools make communication quicker and increase the students’ participation in learning. The instructor can use discussion boards to monitor the students’ level of comprehension. Such tools also allow students to participate virtually in learning if they are in a different geographic location (Murphy, 2007). Technology also enhances collaborative learning, leading to increased discussion, involvement, and debate.

Furthermore, technology increases interactivity in learning because it allows students to access materials online in different formats such as text, audio, and video that suit their learning preferences. Students learn in diverse ways, and giving them materials in one format is not fair to some who prefer a different learning style (Murphy, 2007). For example, there are kinesthetic and visual learners. It also keeps learners engaged as online learning includes instructional activities that require the learners’ input.


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