Impact of climate change on UAE energy sector

Impact of climate change on UAE energy sector

 It has been argued that “from an ecological point of view, the effects of environment change on Gulf region may be insignificant compared to other parts of the world, especially in terms of calamitous adversities like hurricanes, tsunamis, and floods etc. However, the economic bearing of climate change among countries of GCC region may be more severe due to high dependency on proceeds from oil and gas exports. Hint: As the other countries will shift towards the use of more renewable sources of energy due to obvious concerns and climate change, the economy of GCC nations will be badly affected due to decreasing oil and gas exports. Choosing the UAE as your case study: a) Perform SWOT analysis to assess the impact of climate change on UAE energy sector b) Provide 3-4 recommendations for sustainable solutions.

The case study should be double-spaced including bibliography and in-text citation. The MLS style is preferred for documenting your sources. 

The case study should start with a brief introduction, executive summary, some detailed analysis about case study and then develop some recommendations geared towards problem-solving or suggestions for future improvement.

Impact of climate change on UAE energy sector

The following case study analyzes the influence of climate change on the UAE’s energy sector. The overreliance of Gulf countries such as the UAE on fossil fuels puts them at risk for the harmful consequences of global warming. It provides a detailed SWOT analysis of the country’s energy industry. The strengths of the country’s energy sector in dealing with climate change are highlighted. The report then discusses the weakness of the UAE that put its energy sector at high risk for the adverse effects brought about by global warming. The opportunities that can enable the UAE to boost its energy sector in the face of the threat of climate change are also explored. The report also examines the threats to the UAE’s energy sector as a result of climate change. Lastly, recommendations are proposed to provide sustainable solutions to the problem of climate change. All in all, although the challenge of global warming poses a serious threat to the UAE’s energy sector, the country can implement various sustainable solutions to avert this problem.


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