Impact of Nutritional Awareness Levels on Childhood Obesity Rates in the United States

Impact of Nutritional Awareness Levels on Childhood Obesity Rates in the United States


Childhood obesity has been increasing rapidly and has become one of the most serious

public health issues in the United States today. Therefore, there is a need to come up with proper

strategies to curb the problem. Statistics show that childhood obesity has been rising even though

numerous efforts have been made to mitigate the problem. Childhood obesity has been caused by

various problems. One of the major reasons for the prevalence of this problem is lack of proper

education on nutrition to the children. Children get little or no knowledge about nutrition from

their teachers and parents. The purpose of this research proposal is to propose that a

comprehensive research should be carried out to examine the children’s level of awareness on

nutritional matters. The research proposal covers the problem, research objective, research

questions, hypotheses, literature review and methodology to be used during the study.


Childhood obesity has affected the United States for many decades and statistics show

that the problem has been worsening. Numerous efforts have been made by public health

organizations, state and federal governments to fight the problem. One of the most recent efforts

to mitigate childhood obesity was Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign initiated in 2010.

However, the problem is still prevalent and many children and adolescents are at a risk of

developing serious health conditions caused by obesity such as cardiovascular diseases, asthma,

hypertension and diabetes (Klein & Dietz, 2010). The United States is the nation experiencing

the largest number of childhood obesity cases mainly due to its culture of taking fast foods.

Most Americans take the readily available and convenient fast foods which are unhealthy. Most

people take these foods because of convenience and affordability. Fast food outlets such as

MacDonald’s make huge sales everyday and most of their customers are children and



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