Impact of Social Media on Social and Cultural Life

Impact of Social Media on Social and Cultural Life

How social media shift social and cultural life? What are your opinion
about cybersexualities? What do you think about sociality and
subjectivity? Is it the new architectures of intimacy and woman? What
do you think about networking sites and genders? Can we say it is part
of Post-Feminism?

Social networking sites are online sites through which people build social

relations. These sites allow people to share interests, activities, photos, ideas and

events within the network. Through these sites, people can interact via e-mail and

instant messaging. Some of the most popular social networking sites include Facebook,

MySpace and Twitter, among others. A large number of people, especially the youth are

members of these sites. Through these social networking sites, it is now possible to

quickly pass on information to very many people across the globe. Therefore, people

who want to attract a lot of attention to certain issues are finding these sites very useful.

Impact of Social Media on Social and Cultural Life

Through social media, people are interacting with each other more than they

used to. This interaction makes people to get exposed to different social and cultural

values and ways of thinking. Social networking has led to interaction of many people all

over the world regardless of their nationality or cultures. They are sharing new ideas

about different aspects of life. These interactions are impacting on the social and

cultural aspects of people’s lives. The exchange of ideas across the globe leads to

influencing people to take on those ideas, consequently changing their ways of life.

People are adopting new ways of life that were not in existence previously. The posting

of a naked photo of Aliaa Magda Elmahdy, an Egyptian blogger, on Twitter has sparked

a lot of controversy, especially because the 20-year old girl comes from a Muslim

country where women are not supposed to expose their bodies.


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