Indigenous Rights In Canada

Indigenous Rights In Canada

You will write an essay on an important issue, as selected by you. You will use this essay to learn and demonstrate important writing skills including researching, organizing, writing, and revising, as well as the various parts of an essay. Your essay will be at least 750 words and no longer than 1000 words.

You may choose to write either an argumentative essay or an expository essay


Choose a topic. Come up with something that is interesting to you or that you know something about, if possible. I prefer if you choose your own topic, but here’s a list of suggestions:

EducationSocial Issues
Mainstreaming in public schoolsHomelessness
Religious and ethnic-focused schoolsAccess to medical care
Free post-secondary educationWelfare-to-work programs
Year-round schoolingViolence in our society
HomeschoolingIllegal immigrants
Alternative ways of funding public schoolsWomen in the military
Political IssuesIncreasing disparity between rich and poor
Effectiveness of the United NationsIlliteracy and television
Domestic terrorismPrison reform
Amnesty InternationalRefugees in Canada
US intervention in foreign countriesAirport security measures
World hungerGeoengineering
Child labour ramificationsInternational adoption
Indigenous rights in CanadaReligious cults
Crisis in the Middle EastPolice brutality
Fake news and the growing distrust in media sourcesEqual opportunity for women in business, politics, sports, etc.
Business TopicsWater pollution
White collar crimeCellphones and brain cancer
Industry’s effect on Third World nationsHuman trafficking
Buying “fair trade” and/or “community trade” 

You may NOT chose broad, overdone topics like:

  • abortion
  • capital punishment
  • euthanasia
  • gun control
  • Saving the rainforest
  • Animal testing
  • Legalization of Marijuana


Once you have a topic, you need to start thinking about your main idea and thesis. Your thesis might change, so start thinking about the main idea. What argument are you making about your topic?


Complete research about your topic. Ensure you know what you are talking about. You may choose to organize information in a graphic organizer or by a list. Remember to record all resources you use to avoid plagiarism. You are required to find information from a minimum of two primary sources.

Begin writing your rough copy. As you write, remember that this is an argumentative essay. It needs all of the elements of an essay, including a dynamite thesis, great support, and all the other required elements.

  • Submit your essay template as your rough draft.
  • You will receive feedback on your essay template from me.

When you submit, you will be required to do the following in order for the essay to count as submitted:

  • Correct MLA formatting of first page
  • Essay double spaced with all paragraphs indented
  • Include the rubric with your essay


[ ] I will write an argumentative or expository essay on an important issue

[ ] I will follow the steps outlined on the assignment to demonstrate an understanding of planning

[ ] I will create a clear argument following the rules for an effective thesis

[ ] I will research information to create effective support that supports my argument

[ ] I will ensure the essay connects to a “so what” explanation of why/how the information is important

[ ] I will use formal style

[ ] I will use MLA style, including a works cited page


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