Influence of Feminist in Modern Society Values

Influence of Feminist in Modern Society Values

Please write a paper about “feminist influence in modern society.” It may be include gender roles; social roles; racism; classism; social order; law and order; drug use and/or abuse; vengeance; family; criminality; justice; injustice; infidelity; media; technology; cultural bias; pop culture; bullying; violence; resistance; immigration.
Document sources in MLA format. the sources must be find online.( please must show the each Sources web-link to me.)
This paper should explicitly discuss gender studies.
This link (miss representation) may be helpful if you need.

Feminists derive their origin from the ‘feminism’ movement which has been defined as the belief in social, economic and political equality of the female and male sexes (Boothby 2). The feminist theory had one strong reason that embodied their formation that was women empowerment in different sectors worldwide. The core ideology was the initial recognition of male supremacy, hence a demonstration of the importance of women by revealing how historically women had been subordinated men.

Feminists have influenced the way that the society has always viewed the woman by changing her position in the family that is socially, economically and politically in their course for gender equity agitation. This influence in the contemporary society runs into a number of issues:

  1. Education

Women can today access education at all levels from basic to advanced education at will and their numbers are growing globally.  For example in Canada women occupy the major population of the student’s fraternity by making up more than 50% of the full-time students that are enrolled in institutions of higher learning including degrees, masters programs and diplomas (RWC 9).


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