Inmates in Crisis: Correctional system interaction with mentally ill

Inmates in Crisis: Correctional system interaction with mentally ill

What are your views on how the correctional system interacts with the mentally ill? 

Based on your observations, what specific changes should be implemented to improve the delivery of mental health treatment services to those incarcerated? 

What role do you feel environmental stress, as typically observed in correctional facilities, has upon the manifestation of psychotic symptoms? 

Lastly, what specific questions would you want to ask during an assessment which would help you rule out a diagnosis of a psychotic disorder?


  1. Do the surroundings sometimes cause fear or confusion?
  2. Have you heard new and strange noises in your ears?
  3. Do ordinary things occasionally appear strange to you?
  4. Have you had supernatural experiences such as telepathy?
  5. Are you overwhelmed with your ideas and thoughts?
  6. Do you go off the track when talking?
  7. Do you feel like people are talking about you (“Psychosis Test”, 2020)?
  8. Do you think there is something wrong with your mind?
  9. Do your beliefs feel bizarre to you?

The United States correctional facilities’ handling of over 500000 incarcerated individuals has several advantages and disadvantages. Primarily, it shields the general public from dangerous individuals while also helping the sick subjects avoid harming themselves through interventions such as group therapy and anti-psychotics administration.

Also, prisoners are sometimes segregated due to misconduct. Segregation affects not only healthy individuals but also the sick by precipitating depression, psychosis, and despair.

Also, the wardens occasionally use force, which may intensify their persecutory delusions.


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