International Crime: Why the U.S should be concerned about Growth of Terrorism in Other Countries

International Crime: Why the U.S should be concerned about Growth of Terrorism in Other Countries

Over the past few decades, terrorism has become a serious threat to international security. Owing to this threat, both international security organizations such as the United Nations, as well as national governments are actively involved in finding effective approaches that can prevent terrorism. In particular, the United States has been a major target for terror attacks. The 9/11 attack that left scores of people dead is a classic example of how much damage terrorist activities have caused to the country. It is also worth noting that terrorists have been targeting Americans both within and outside the American borders. Noteworthy, the global community is threatened by terrorism in almost equal measure, which makes it a threat to all nations. From a critical perspective, international terrorism has emerged as one of the most difficult and dangerous threat to the U.S (Frey, 2004). In effect, the country is increasingly designing counterterrorism measures to combat the threat. However, it should be appreciated that terrorism emerges as international crime that calls for international cooperation.

This explains the reason why the US should be concerned about terrorist act or growth of terrorism in other countries, and this paper seeks to provide a clear justification for this approach. In a nutshell, international terrorism has created panic among Americans and the global population, at large. Since the 9/11 attack, there has been an increasing state of panic among the US citizens. This act of terrorism created a lasting impact on the lives of Americans. Foremost, it caused loss of lives and impacted on the livelihoods of every citizen. Surprisingly, terrorists have been targeting American nationals, both locally and outside the US borders. It is explicit that thousands of Americans who are working in foreign countries experience the threat of terrorism, more or less the same as their fellow citizens at home. This implies that US citizens can get ultimate protection against terrorism through preventing its growth from an international scope (Taylor, 2009). This is why it focuses on establishing international cooperation with other governments and international security agencies in fighting terrorism. As such, terrorists’ actions or growth of terrorism in other countries warrants US’s security concern.


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