International Finance Institutions: Limiting risks to international trade and financial system

International Finance Institutions: Limiting risks to international trade and financial system

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) consists of 189 countries. Its main role is to ensure the stability of the international monetary and financial systems. It was established in 1945 with its other mandates including the facilitation of growth of international trade and create an environment for stability of exchange

The World Trade Organization deals with rules and regulations regarding trading activities between countries.

The World Bank was created to offer financial and technical assistance to developing countries with an aim of reducing poverty and income inequality around the world. It has five underlying institutions associated with it. These include International Bank of Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), International Development Association, International Finance Corporation, Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency and International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes

Using any two examples of your choice, to what extent have the IFIs (IMF, WB, WTO) been successful in limiting the risks to the international trade and financial system after the end of Bretton Woods?
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Risks in international trade and financial systems are undesirable. An environment of stability in the economic system gives confidence to investors who promote economic growth and development for all the players involved.

The Greece economic problems started because of the mismanagement of the financial resources that came with the adoption of the euro. There was unsustainable boom in demand especially through the credit cards.

The domestic policies are always expected to enhance the stability of the country and ensure balance of payments are favorable; whenever, that is not the case, the Fund proposes alternative solutions which can make the country stable and prevent the spread of the situation globally.


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