Is cohabitation better than marriage?

Is cohabitation better than marriage?

One required source of information must be academic journals (e.g. Child Development; Journal of Marriage & Family) you must refer to at least two academic journals or literary sources (i.e. books) for part of your research. In addition to academic sources, you may also use popular media (magazines, newspapers, television, movies, mainstream books, etc)

Introduction ���10
An introduction provides a brief overview of the issue and describes what the purpose of your paper is and should explain why this is a hot topic issue.
Does the paper have an introduction that clearly states the issue(s)? Does the introduction outline the arguments that support the issue?

Does the paper clearly articulate arguments that support your position on the issue? Are the arguments grounded in research (i.e. scientific studies)? Are details of the research explained (how was the study conducted — longitudinal, cross-sectional, experimental; methods used — survey, interview, observation; participants included — representative sample, age, race/ethnicity, geography; etc.)? Does the paper include research and information from at least two academic journals or books, one of which must be a journal such as Child Development, Journal of Marriage & Family?

Does the paper have a conclusion that summarizes the issue and the arguments that support your position? The conclusion should provide implications (�so what; why should we care?�) of the topic. The conclusion can incorporate your opinion if you chose.

Length and APA format����10
Times New Roman 12 pt font, 1inch margins, double spaced, proper cover page, spelling/grammar, 4 pages in length, citations in text and references in APA format.

In marriage and relationships context, cohabitation refers to an arrangement where two

unmarried individuals live together in a sexually and/or emotionally intimate relationship on a

continuing basis. More generally, the term can refer to a process of any given number of persons

living together. This paper shall deal with the former.


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