Is democracy the best form of government?

Is democracy the best form of government?

There are various forms of governance, democracy being one of them. Based on the

various benefits associated with democracy, it is a good form of governance. In essence,

democracy has a number of defects and problems but compared to the other forms of

governance, it seems to be better. Some of the claims raised for democracy is that it offers

freedom, represents the people, it is transparent hence better governance, as well as respect and

promotion of human rights. It is however not effective in fostering economic growth. This paper

examines whether democracy is the best form of government.

Blaug, R.  Schwarzmantel, J. (2001). Democracy: A Reader. Columbia: Columbia

University Press.

This book gives an extensive exploration of the concept of democracy, from definition,

background information, to understanding of democracy and its complexities in a world that is

characterized by rapid change. Blaug and Schwarzmantel (2001) argues that it is essential to be

clear on what democracy means especially since it appears to be universally seen as the only

suitable form of government. The fact that the authors offer a variety of vital statements on the

topic from supporters, defenders, skeptics such as Plato, Marx, Kant and Barry among others

makes the source credible and informative. Although the authors do not give their standing point,

they clearly indicate enough information of the positive and negative aspects of democracy.

Some of the key issues of discussion include freedom and autonomy, representation, citizenship,

multiculturalism and nationalism, equality as well as multiculturalism and the future of

democracy. The discussion of these key issues makes the book relevant with regard to the thesis

statement. This is because it elaborates various aspects associated with democracy especially the

claims that are raised by proponents of democracy as the best form of government. I find the

book relevant for different parties who would be willing to gain a deeper understanding of

democracy as a form of governance.


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