Is philosophy of science adequate for nursing’s epistemology?

Is philosophy of science adequate for nursing’s epistemology?

Paper on a philosophical issue in philosophy of science

Select an issue or aspect of nursing’s scholarly development that you would
like to explore. Begin with a question and follow that question to where it
leads you relevant to the development of human science and nursing science.
Possible questions might be:
Ø What are the foundations of human science movement?
Ø What promise does the science of wholeness and complexity hold for
nursing’s epistemological development?
Ø Where is nursing in its scientific evolution?
Ø Is philosophy of science adequate for nursing’s epistemology?
Ø What are the strengths and limitations of the empirical – analytic
paradigm of philosophy of science for exploring the important questions of
our era, such as outcomes, understanding health-illness, healing
experiences, caring models, etc. integrative health, mind/body/spirit
medicine, etc.?
Ø How can feminist perspectives, wisdom traditions, perennial philosophy,
and transformative thinking inform our view and practice of nursing science?

Nurses usually find themselves taking care of patients from varied cultural

backgrounds. Each patient expects their cultural biases to be taken into consideration

when receiving patient care. The role of the nurses is to try to understand the patients’

needs and meet them. The nurse should understand the patients’ requests in regard to

their cultural beliefs. If the choices the patients make may have harmful repercussions,

then the nurse must make this known to the patient and both of them should try to come

to an agreement that will ensure the wellbeing of the patient. This discussion highlights

the teachings of Islam and about nursing ethics and the care of patients. Nurses are

expected to provide medical care to Muslims while respecting their beliefs. Muslims use

various texts from the Koran and the Islamic law to justify their opinions on various

issues regarding patient care. They are obliged to do the will of God even when

receiving patient care.

Is philosophy of science adequate for nursing epistemology?

The effective care of patients is supported by research in nursing. Such research

includes how patients respond to emotional, biological, psychological and social

manifestations of illness. In order to understand this, nurses must use a number of

scientific methods.


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