Is propaganda used as a way to get voters?

Is propaganda used as a way to get voters?

In a democracy, the supreme power is vested in the people as opposed to a select few. As

a form of government, democracy is founded up on the pillar of popular participation or

inclusion of all people in political, governance and decision making processes. In order to

facilitate popular participation, representative democratic cultures are characterized by regular

elections which are held after short intervals of time such as four or five years. The essence of

regular elections is to give the people or voters an opportunity to choose those who will represent

them in government by way of holding particular political offices such as parliamentary offices

into which people’s power is vested.

Presence of multiple political parties that sponsor contestants who are interested in

holding particular political offices is another major feature of a democratic political system.

Existence of numerous political parties is meant to provide the voters with a pool of choices from

which they can choose their most preferred form of political leadership. Apart from providing

voters with political alternatives in their process of choosing political leaders, participation of

many political parties in elections even where there are two dominant political parties like in US

and Britain engenders political competition for voters. Political competition in turn makes use of

propaganda as a way of wooing voters handy since in the long run electioneering becomes a

game of numbers because the political party with a majority vote rules over the next interval

before another elections are held. This paper argues that in general, propaganda is used to

manipulate or woo voters.


Defining propaganda even within other contexts apart from politics and electioneering

has always been an issue of universal magnitude. Even though, the term propaganda has obtained

a negative connotation by virtue of its association with prejudiced and chauvinistic examples

such as Nazi propaganda, in its original sense propaganda was neutral and could refer to

applications that were generally gentle or harmless like symbols encouraging the public to

participate in an election or census, public health recommendations, or signs encouraging

patriotic citizens to report crimes to the police among other well intended messages.


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