Is the current business model of Google sustainable?

Is the current business model of Google sustainable?

Topic, Scope and the Disciplines

The topic of the literature review will be the impact of business model innovation on

Apple’s profitability. The general area of this topic is business models and business model

innovation. The specific area that will be researched is how business model innovation can

enable Apple to achieve profitability. This research will draw from various disciplines such as

strategy and management.

Literature Review Structure and Main Areas of Reading

The literature review will include existing research on business models, levels of business

models, ontology and taxonomy of business models, Apple’s business model, business model

innovation, taxonomy of business model innovation, approach to business model innovation,

benefits of business model innovation and the relationship between business model innovation

and profitability. These are some of the areas that will be covered in the literature review in order

to provide a solid theoretical background on the research question.

Key Academic Databases, Journals and Other Sources to be Used

Several information sources will be used in conducting the literature review. The online

databases that will be used in the research include Emerald, Google Scholar, JSTOR, EBSCO

and ProQuest. Articles from various journals such as Long Range Planning, Business Horizons,

Journal of Business Strategy, Journal of Management, Journal of Business Models, Strategy and

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Leadership and Academy of Management Journal will also be used in the research. Older books

and articles will be used to give a historical perspective on the research topic while current

articles will be used to provide the most recent information on the topic.

Key Journal Articles and Authors of Theories and Ideas

The researcher believes that a number of articles will influence the project and will

provide relevant ideas to the research. Some of the journal articles that will be relevant to the

research include the following:

Amit, Raphael, and Zott, Christoph. "Creating value through business model innovation." MIT

Sloan Management Review 53.3 (2012): 41-49.

Chesbrough, Henry. "Business model innovation: opportunities and barriers." Long Range

Planning 43.2 (2010): 354-363.


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