Is the death penalty effective?

Is the death penalty effective?

For our second paper, you will write one (possibly two sections of at least 3-4 pages of your Final

Researched Argument. You may choose to develop any section(s) of your supporting argument that

you like, such as:

 analysis of the causes of the problem you have chosen

 analysis of the consequences of the problem that you have chosen

 argumentation of one reason to support your solution to the problem you have chosen

 refutation in support of your solution to the problem or in attack of your opposition’s


 the beginning of the paper, continuing where your Three-Paragraph Introduction left off

 some section that you intend to appear later in the paper

Paper #2 will be assessed according to how well you are able to:

 clarify your paper’s claim/thesis by incorporating your revised Three-Paragraph Introduction

o Your reader needs to know what your claim/thesis is in order to assess the strength

of this supporting section.

 stake and develop a supporting claim in proof or defense of your paper’s proposed solution.

o As listed above, you may choose whether to develop a supporting claim of analysis

of a cause or consequence of your identified problem, argumentation for your

solution using reasoning and support, or refutation.

 develop, explain, and connect this supporting claim to the argument’s thesis

o It is not enough to simply state your position and assume a reader will agree. Part of

your purpose as a writer is to appeal to and persuade your readers to respect—if not

outright agree with your position, including:

 those who don’t care

 those who are not familiar

 those who disagree.

 incorporate at least two outside sources from scholarly articles using either direct quotation

or paraphrase. Your instructor will be looking to see that you have:

o chosen to incorporate passages from outside sources that are scholarly,

academically appropriate, and of relevance to your issue

o integrated material through the use of the Quotation Sandwich (TS/IS, Ch. 3) as

well as proper and effective integration out outside sources (read carefully and

implement the ideas in Hacker 59a-b

o mastered the intellectual challenge of choosing appropriate, relevant quotation.

o mastered the mechanics and proper citation of integrating outside sources in APA

format both in-text and on a references page (read carefully and implement the

ideas in hacker 60-61).

 Format your paper according to APA guidelines, including cover page, running headers,

internal subheadings, and reference page. No abstract is necessary for this paper.


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