Is there a “terrorist personality”? Defend your answer.

Is there a “terrorist personality”? Defend your answer.

Answer the following 4 questions with at least 500 words each

and at least 2 references each.

1) Does the enormous increase of personal bankruptcy today

suggest that “Americans have lost their sense of shame” as

many government officials believe? (your response should be

500 words minimum)

2) Is there a “terrorist personality”? Defend your answer.

(your response should be 500 words minimum)

3) How can corporate deviance be combated? What can be

done to reduce the occurrences of corporate deviance? (your

response should be 500 words minimum)

4) If marijuana was to be legalized in the US with 3 years,

would a stigma be associated with its use? (your response

should be 500 words minimum)

Is there a terrorist personality?

Terrorism refers to the unlawful and unexpected acts of violence against human beings

and symbolic targets by groups whose goal is to publicize religious or political causes and

intimidate civilians or governments to accept their demands. There have been numerous terrorist

attacks and this has created the need to come up with ways of identifying potential terrorists

before they carry out the attacks. There is an assumption that terrorists have a certain personality

profile and numerous attempts have been made to define it. However, this assumption has not

been validated and behavioral scientists have been unable to identify a distinctive terrorist

profile. Most attempts to create a terrorist profile are derived from the assumption that the

personality of terrorists is abnormal and they have character traits that can be easily identified

and explained using psychiatry and psychology insights (Rae, 2012). People who have been

involved in terrorism come from different nationalities, cultures, ideological causes and

professions. These individuals have diverse characteristics and personalities and it is difficult to

differentiate them from the rest of the population. Therefore, there is no terrorist personality

because terrorists behave like other normal people (Horgan, 2003).


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