Key initiatives for embedding environmental sustainability issues at new Wind Power generation station in England

Key initiatives for embedding environmental sustainability issues at new Wind Power generation station in England

Assume that your company is planning to build a new
Wind Power generation station in England. As a project
manager, discuss the key initiatives for embedding
environmental sustainability issues into the project?

In a sustainable environment, the rate of

consumption of natural sources of energy by

human activity is less than the ability of nature to

replace them.

Renewable energy is generated from resources

that are replenished naturally and have little

impact on the environment (Twidell and Weir,


Use of wind energy has several advantages:

It is a renewable energy source

It does not take a lot of space to implement.

Wind energy not produce greenhouse gases.

Use of wind energy prevents effects such as global

warming (Gipe, 2004).

Benefits of environmental


Improved energy efficiency and reduced carbon


Environmental sustainability enables companies to

be able to achieve energy efficiency and comply

with environmental regulations governing carbon


Moreover, it leads to reduced production costs and

therefore, increased economic gains.

Increased recruitment and retention of employees

Most employees prefer to work in companies that

are concerned with corporate social responsibility

programs like environmental sustainability

(Williard, 2002).

Organizations that have a poor record of

environmental sustainability will find it hard to

attract the best talent and retain employees.

Enhanced image and competitive advantage

Consumers prefer to buy products and services from

companies that have adopted sustainable practices to

reduce their impact on the environment (Hoffman,


Improved investment opportunity

Investors see environmentally sustainable businesses

as less risky and are therefore more likely to invest in

them. Investors are aiming to maximize returns and

at the same time, practice social responsibility.

Increased productivity and reduced costs

Sustainable business practices lead to increased

operational efficiency. This will lead to reduced

operational costs.

Secure energy supply

Unlike fossil fuels that can be depleted, energy

sources such as wind power provide a stable supply

of power that can never run out since it is a

renewable energy source.


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