Leading and Managing Effective Teams

Leading and Managing Effective Teams

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Textbook used is called ” Management a Practical Introduction” by Kinicki, Scott Ladd, Perry and Willams. Essay is linked with chapter 12 from the textbook. Also paper must consist of min 4 references.

A team is a group of individuals who possess complementary skills and are collectively committed to certain goals, purpose and methods to which they hold each other to account (Kinicki, Williams, Scott-Ladd, and Perry, 2011).

The team should have defined channels of communication to encourage flow of information within it.  Richard Beckhard’s GRPI model states that quality communication and collaboration help to establish trust among team members (Raue, Tang,Weiland, and Wenzlik, 2013).  Effective communication also implies that the team members should practice active listening; this is necessary to build effective teams. Free flow of information enhances transparency which also makes every member feel part of the entity.

Conflicts Various types of conflicts are bound to arise in the context of the team. Functional conflicts helps the team to achieve its objectives while dysfunctional conflicts hinder the achievement of organizational goal. In Lencioni model, fear of conflict is noted as one of the dysfunctions of a team (Lencioni, 2007). Avoidance of conflict creates an environment of artificial peace which hinders team progress. However, conflict is a normal part of team work and can enhance productivity if solved appropriately.

The various strategies to prevent conflicts should be applied by the team. These include handling disagreements in good time and not ignoring or postponing them. The team members should also embrace openness, clear communication and active listening.


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