Lebanese cedar revolution: nonviolent revolution

Lebanese cedar revolution: nonviolent revolution

Research Question
Theoretical Framework
Literature Review
Body of the Paper

Make sure these fields are shown in the paper.
Only use academic peer reviewed journals and books.

Paper details;
Talk about the cedar revolution and how does it connect with NON violent methods.
Compare it to other non violent revolutions like OTPOR! In Serbia.
Connect the cedar revolution TO mahatma Gandhi and his believes and how successful was the Lebanese cedar revolution.


Nonviolent revolutions have often been used against external occupation, unjust regimes, and dictators. Some of these revolutions have been successful while others failed. Nonviolent action refers to any type of public action whose aim is to resist invasion, correct injustices, and cause social changes though peaceful methods. The aim of this study is to investigate the role of nonviolence in the success of nonviolent revolutions, and in particular, the Cedar revolution in Lebanon. The study will determine whether nonviolent tactics are more likely to lead to success than violence.

Research Question

What was the role of nonviolent tactics in the success of the Lebanese Cedar revolution?


Nonviolent movements such as the Cedar revolution are more likely to succeed than violent campaigns.


Information for the study was gathered from relevant books and peer reviewed journals. The sources which were selected were relevant to the topic and current. The search terms used to find the resources include “nonviolent revolution”, “Cedar revolution”, “theories of nonviolence”, “Gandhi’s nonviolence theory”, and Otpor! Revolution.” The sources were extracted from academic databases.

Theoretical Framework Nonviolence theory categorizes nonviolent revolutions into principled and pragmatic (Weber 250). Gandhi’s theory of Satyagraha or nonviolence suggests that opponents should not be harmed but should be won over through self-suffering. He believed that self-suffering can transform the opponents’ hearts and lead to their conversion (Weber 262). According to Gandhi, nonviolence attracts more public support when compared to violence, and it is also more effective in converting the opponents.


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