Legal responsibilities of employers, supervisors, and employees in the workplace

Outline the legal responsibilities of employers, supervisors, and employees in the workplace

workplace observation format: format report

your written report will outline:

1. Some background on the workplace e.g. the size, who

owns it, what industry it operates in e.g.

hospitality, education etc.

2. 8-10 well planned questions- your questions should be

designed to gather information from an employee, which

will assist you with the information that you require

to complete this report. You must provide the list of

questions and the employee responses to them as an

appendix in you report the & hazard identification form-

you can use this from-

or customise one specific to your chosen workplace-

to record a full list of any hazards or potential hazards you have observed and the potential problems you can foresee

 for the workplace…

4 provide your recommended solutions to control the hazards

 and potential hazards that you have identified in 3 above.

5 list the policies and procedures that exist, comment on if

 they are formalised, where they are stored, and are the employees familar with them,if there are no formal policies or 

procedures in place provide full details of what they should

have in place.

6 does your workplace have an OH&S representative? how often do whey meet? what do they do? does your workplace have policies for training employees in OH&S?

7 does your workplace have any specialised worksafe practices that they need to follow e.g. safe handling of food or so

me other safe practice that is specialised to their industry?

8 outline the legal responsibilities of employers,

supervisors and employees in the workplace.

8 outline the legal responsibilities of employers,

supervisors and employees in the workplace.

9 comments should also be made regarding any positive OH&S 

features you observe.

10 provide recommendations and a conclusion to summarise your observations.

you report will provide clear headings identifying the

requirements as listed above from 1-10 -failure to present

your report clearly under these headings will result in the

report being returned to you for amendment. ensure that ALL

sources used for your report ate appropriately referenced.


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