Lives of children of rape victims

Lives of children of rape victims

Rape is a common and recurrent crime in many societies including the developed

countries where rights of women are highly protected. For instance, in the United States, it is

estimated that twenty-five thousand pregnancies related to rape are reported each year. Even

though, these numbers constitute a small percentage of U.S‘s annual total unwanted pregnancies,

the numbers are considerably high. Women who are sexually abused particularly on a continuous

basis are more likely to get pregnant as a result of rape. Irrespective of whether a rape incident

results into pregnancy or not, its aftermath is always complicated. Raising a child conceived as a

result of a rape is difficult. Life for children of rape is extremely difficult. According to

(Solomon Para 6), those who survive rape are the victims but rape-conceived children are

actually forgotten victims of this disgusting act. The aim of this paper is to discuss the lives of

children of rape victims.

The Forgotten Children of Rape

Although, women who are raped have a right to decide and do what is right for them and

their life circumstances, pressure and influence are unavoidably exerted on women with rape-

related pregnancies and children. Some people think and belief that, if a woman conceives

through rape, they must abort while others think that an abortion is not warranted. In short,

people including the loved ones, as well as, the wider society try to impose their beliefs and

opinions on a woman who conceives as a result of rape. However, for such women to survive,

they have to put up with whatever has come their way. Therefore, everything depends entirely

on the individual woman who gets herself in such a regrettable circumstance. Women who

conceive as a result of rape face numerous worries about how to cope. From psychosocial and

social-cultural perspectives, keeping a child of rape is neither a pleasing nor a possible choice.


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