LSMHN 243 – Ethical Studies: Ericsson’s International Business Ethics policies; A Case Study

LSMHN 243 – Ethical Studies: Ericsson’s International Business Ethics policies; A Case Study

The Ethics Project: Project Objective: The main objective of this project is to consider a major International organization, presents its profile and assess its ethical policies and how international ethics dilemmas are addressed.

Course LOs Covered: This project is the assessment instrument for LO 5.


1.  You may refer to internet/textbooks/articles, but you must not use the Internet to copy and paste.  SaveAssign Program will be used to check your project work against plagiarism.

2.  Your report must be neatly written, in your own words.

3.  Strict adherence to the due date is a must.

4.  Duplicated assignments will be given the corresponding penalty according to the HCT rules.


  1. Develop a brief understanding of the organization of your choice by giving a summary of the following areas: history, field of business activities, organization system as well as ethical & environmental policies.
  2. Evaluate the nature of the organization’s international business ethics policy, with reference to the issues that are listed in the relevant course notes..
  3. Give a summary of the codes of ethics/conduct, if any, which is being adopted by the organization and whether such codes take cultural diversity into consideration.
  4. Investigate the type of Corporate Social Responsibilities that is adopted by the organization.

The Ericsson Company is a multinational organization and a leading provider of communication technologies that encompasses networking infrastructure, telecom services, and information support solutions (Ericsson, 2014). It has created a world-wide presence in more than 180 countries that include its home country Sweden, and the global model gets described as a ‘go-to-market’ business with established operations in ten world regions (TLME, 2014). Within the world-wide framework, Ericsson has a global workforce of more than 114,000 employees working in its different business units and various countries. The business operations get based on telecommunication and allied service since Magnus Ericsson pioneered the business in 1876 (Ericsson, 2014), up-to the current time when diversification into the Information and Communications Technology field (referred to as ICT) has resulted into a venture with an international paradigm.


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