MacDonald’s Global Marketing Strategy and its Application in India’s Market

MacDonald’s Global Marketing Strategy and its Application in India’s Market

Global marketing report

“Write a Report (3000 words)on the observation of a company’s brand design within a global context together with entry into a new market. You must include a business overview and a comprehensive analysis of the Global Marketing Strategy of the selected company/brand. Your analysis should also discuss the outcomes (success or failure) for the adopted global marketing strategy. The report particulars must be built on a discussion about the strategic overview of the industry within which the company or the brand operates, global positioning strategies and any key marketing issues that are of particular importance. In some instances you may find that the company and the brand are intricately interwoven, especially when companies are small. In larger companies brands could be part of a larger portfolio (theory of standardization and adaptation). You must play particular attention to the design and impact of this within the chosen market.

  • The lecture PPT I uploaded, please read it deeply and carefully because there are some theories and module about global marketing and global strategy, it can be refer in the 3000 words report and analysis it.
  • Please follow the structure below, write it clear and I will do the digital presentation PPT myself after you send me the completed essay.

How to Structure your assignment

  • Only describe little about competitor, focus on the strategy.
  • Should use theory of standardization & adaptation.
  1. Abstract/Executive summary

– Not including the word count of 3000 words

  1. Industry overview

– Don’t spend too much word

  1. Selected business/brand overview

– Company selection

  1. Literature review of brand design

– Understanding of the consumers in that brand and in that country.

– Connect the practical theories with the practical facts.

  1. New market perceptions of the brand. (Foreign country Vs. Home Country)

– Compare between different countries, like brand in UK. & US.

  1. Global marketing strategy

– Branding and advertising issues pertaining to cultural and visual aspects of the chosen brand.

– How they compete with others?

– Focus on quality or price or medium quality with good price.

  1. Performance /outcomes in the new market

– Don’t leave the question open.

– Do need to conclude

  1. Conclusion & Recommendation

Conclude how this global brand successful with this strategy


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