Major problems in the U.S. health care system

Major problems in the U.S. health care system

During each week of this course, you will be researching and analyzing the U.S. health care system with all of its challenges, including policy, economics and potential solutions to reform the system. You will also project your leadership role as an administrator in the system. You will examine the leadership style(s) necessary to implement effective professional development for understanding of this dynamic system.

Your final project should include a Research Paper of a minimum of 10 pages, excluding title and reference pages. You must research at least 2-3 major problems in the U.S. health care system. For each problem, propose a solution or strategy that can be used to change or reform the system. Include your perception of the role of the administrator and the leadership style needed to alleviate or minimize the problem. You should include an analysis of how these components are grounded in research and best practice. This paper must include at least 7 sources of reference. At least 2 of your sources must be from the ProQuest database in the online Library, and only valid websites that meet academic research requirements should be used.

Health is a fundamental component of all sociopolitical systems of different

countries worldwide. Consequently, politicians make attractive promises during election

times concerning the plans they have in place for their national health care systems.

Unfortunately, their promises are usually based on false assumptions that they know

what is best for their health care systems. Health is also a major issue of the emerging

international political system led by United Nations whose World Health organization

(WHO) agency manages global health affairs in member countries. World Health

Organization defines a healthcare system as the organization of people, institutions and

resources (both financial and non financial) whose purpose is to offer health care

services to meet the health needs of target populations (Sharma & Atri, 2010; Johnson

& Stoskorpf, 2010).


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