Managing Digital Supply Chain in Microsoft

Managing Digital Supply Chain in Microsoft

Operations Management is concerned with the connection between
strategy and the delivery of a product or service to a customer. The
assignment will ask you to investigate a particular issue or problem
in the Operations (or wider supply chain) area of your organisation.
You can select any aspect of Operations and Supply Chain Management on
which to focus your assignment. However, the approach you adopt should
be analytical. It is expected that you will:
• Provide an introduction that sets the scene, explains why there are
problem(s), and how and why you selected a particular issue.
• Undertake a relevant literature review that helps to inform your
• Adopt an appropriate methodology and undertake research (secondary
and/or primary)
• Critically analyze and evaluate the findings with reference to the literature
• Use frameworks from the module to guide your analysis
• Draw conclusions and recommendations
• Use diagrams where appropriate

Module 3 – Managing Operations

Module Outline

The third module of the Global MBA – Managing Operations – aims to develop an

understanding of Operations and Supply Chain Management. Good management of operations is

critical both to ensure that day-to-day operations run smoothly and to deliver value to

customers and the business as a whole within its overall strategy. To deliver value, operations

must identify and work to appropriate success criteria, drive continuous improvement and be

capable of delivering the changes required to develop performance for the future. This all has to

be done whilst coping with the pressures of today’s business which may mean that there is little

time or energy left over to think about tomorrow, let alone two or three years hence.

This module focuses on the operations management challenge of ensuring that customers’

current requirements and expectations are met or exceeded and that the operations function

works in an integrated way with other functions

Course structure:

The aim of this module is to improve students’ understanding of operations management and its

contribution to the success of an organisation. The key integrating role of operations as the

connection between strategy and the delivery of a product or service to a customer is discussed.

Issues of process design, planning and control and capacity management are explored as well as

the influence on the effectiveness of the operational function of the nature of a task, the

resource availability and process and quality management. In addition performance

improvement and the experience of customer as critical aspects of operational strategy are

reviewed. The tools and concepts that will be covered in this course apply to both manufacturing

and service operations.


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