Managing employee relations: Partnership working and its effect in London Ambulance Services

Managing employee relations: Partnership working and its effect in London Ambulance Services

Answer the following questions (3 essays answers)

Section A: (theme: partnership) Using the case study provided (London Ambulance NHS Trust) and IPA
report: Partnership Working – A Practitioner’s Guide (see attachments), answer the following questions:
1) What do you understand by Partnership Working? And why it is significant?
2) What are the motives of the drivers of partnership working at London Ambulance Service (LAS)?
3) Provide analysis of partnership working at LAS. Is partnership working in LAS robust or shallow?
4) How can you improve partnership in LAS? (Recommendations how could you embed partnership in LAS)?
Note: You must use the case study to refer to you discussion

Section B 🙁 theme: employee engagement) Explain what Macleod Report (2009) (see attachments), says about
employee engagement. There are four drivers of employee engagement mentioned in Macleod Report (2009) , select two and develop criticism analysis of them.

Section C: (theme: negotiations) Imagine you have to give a talk about labour relations negotiations, how negotiations undertaken (steps & stages of negotiation. Note: answer each section separately (3 essays)

Employee engagement gets designated as the aspect generating opportunities for employees to unite with their work-mates, line-managers and the entire organization (Clarke, 2010, NP). The notion it deciphers is placement of tractability, adjustment, and continuous improvement at the core of modern business strategy (MacLeod and Clarke, 2009, p.8). The vital trait of an engaged employee is aware of the business setting, practicing loyalty and works with coworkers to improve performance within the occupation for the subsidy of the business (Seidman, 2012, NP). Engaged employees enthusiastically offer discretionary effort as an essential aspect of daily activity at work (Clarke, 2010, NP). A number of companies and organisations have reported transformation of performance and profitability where employee engagement has gotten established (Rayton, 2012, p.4).


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