MAR 6815 – Advanced Marketing Management

MAR 6815 – Advanced Marketing Management

Course Description

How marketing managers research, communicate, price, and distribute product and service

offerings to profitably satisfy targeted customer segments in a dynamically changing global


Course Learning Objectives

A student satisfactorily completing this course should possess the following terminal


1. An understanding of the social importance of marketing, its role in the functioning of our economic system,

and international scope of marketing.

2. An appreciation of the dynamics of the market place and how marketing actions relate to these changes.

3. A significant portion of class time will be spent going beyond learning facts discrete skills— learning how to identify and formulate marketing problems, quantify where possible, to differentiate between opinions and facts, to weigh

conflicting information, to make deductions and to explain the reasoning behind

problem definitions.

Grading Scale





Course Evaluation Method

Class Preparation2 0(%)

Students are encouraged to read all readings and assigned cases and be prepared for class discussion. preparedness of all student members in case discussions is critical for successful completion of this The students are expected to bring their written notes demonstrating work done in preparing the prior to coming to class. The professor will call on students randomly to assess preparation.

The quality and quantity of the discussions as well as the written notes of the students will be used judge the preparation grade. The students are expected to bring two copies of their notes to class, instructor will ask for a copy of it before we begin the case discussion. It is the student’s responsibility demonstrate he/she is prepared beyond submitting the case note.

A student who is not demonstrating preparedness to discuss the assigned cases and text/ lecture may not pass the course with a satisfactory grade.

Written Case (20%)/Final (Exam )

Each group/student will submit via email as well as a hard copy two written analysis( assigned case final) of the cases assigned for the respective examination. The case analysis is expected to be about pages of text demonstrating clear and cogent writing leading towards the problem statement(s). analysis will include factors associated with the company, industry, competition, buyer behavior, segment

analysis and other factors relevant to the particular nuances in the case. The instructor expects the

students to incorporate the material from the case, text, and class lectures/discussion to arrive at diagnosis of the situation. Each member of the group will submit the contributions made by their

colleagues to the final written report. These contributions will be reflected in the students’ final grade.

Case Presentation (20%)

Students are expected to make one (1) case presentation that may last about 90 minutes in length. student group will make the presentations with each member of the group prepared and ready to in the presentation. The students in a group may opt to delegate different aspects of their case

analysis/presentation to different students. However, students are expected to be knowledgeable entire case analysis of their group. The students will be quizzed/challenged by the instructor and fellow

students about the analysis. They should be prepared to defend their position eloquently. Students graded individually for their presentation performance.

Additional Course Policies

Anti-plagiarism Softw are

Written components of any assignment or project may be submitted to anti-plagiarism

software to evaluate the originality of the work. Any students found to be submitting work is not their own will be deemed in violation of the University’s honor code discussed above.

Course Outline


Submit as well as come prepared to discuss on October 15th, 4 article summaries from the

attached list of periodicals. Each summary should be about a page length. Two summaries

should be from the academic publications and the remaining two from the trade publications.

Each article summary should come from a different periodical and must cover the marketing

subject area related to the course. Failure to complete the assignment satisfactorily will result in

a lower grade for the course.


Academic Journals Practitioner / Trade Publications

Journal of Marketing Research Advertising Age

Journal of Marketing Harvard Business Review

Journal of Advertising Research Business Week

Journal of Retailing and Consumer



Industrial Marketing Management The Economist

Journal of Consumer Research Business Marketing

Marketing Science Chain Store Age

European Journal Marketing Direct Marketing

Journal of Electronic Commerce Research Business 2.0

Grades are assigned as follows:

Excellent ————— A

Very Good ————— B+

Good ————— B

Above Average ————— C+

Average ————— C

Below Average ————— D+

Poor ————— D

Fail ——————– F

It is possible for a student to have a different grade from his/her group members due to the

differences in the contributions to the case analysis, presentation grades, preparation grades, collegiality.


Cheating is an affront to decency. Its corrosive effects build cynicism by rewarding the most

unworthy. The result quickly undermines academic integrity. Consequently, please be assured

that questionable actions will be closely monitored during examinations and any ethical

infractions will be aggressively pursued and severely punished. This not only applies to copying

the efforts of others and the use of crib notes, but also includes allowing others to copy off of

your exam and students who attempt to steal case solutions/examinations. Students accused of

such irregularities will be notified by mail. It could lead to expulsion from the university.


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