Meaning of “nature is socially constructed”

Meaning of “nature is socially constructed”

In 1988, the literary scholar Raymond Williams wrote that “nature is perhaps the most complex word in the English language” With these words, Williams suggested that there is no universal definition of “nature,” but that our understanding of the term is, rather, socially constructed. Drawing on the readings that I uploaded and references, explain what it means to suggest, “nature is socially constructed.” Use examples from the references to describe how this claim changes our conception of nonhuman life and what it means for how we think about preservation, conservation, and environmental resources.

From both physical and social perspectives, nature is certainly a complex phenomenon to

which different meanings are attached by people from diverse socio-cultural backgrounds. Nature’s

complexity has led to view of nature by scholars from both natural and social sciences as a

socially constructed phenomenon. What does it mean to suggest that ‘nature is a social


Literary speaking, the term nature is a word that has at least three acknowledged

meanings. In everyday communication in which the term nature is commonplace, what is termed

to as a natural event is likely to differ from one social-cultural set up to another. 1 A close scrutiny

of different cultures indicate that the idea of nature have been part and parcel of human thoughts.

In other words, diverse conceptions of the idea of nature can be traced along the historical

development of different cultures. For instance, (Nature) argues that the idea of an outside, non-

human original nature is deeply entrenched in most western cultures such that it is obvious and


The suggestion of nature as a socially constructed idea is clearly illustrated by works of

different scholars. For example, the renowned historian of ideas Michel Foucault argues that

nature is an idea that can be traced historically to the Enlightenment period of the European



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