MHD521 Briefly discuss the problems that underserved populations

MHD521 Briefly discuss the problems that underserved populations are confronted with

when seeking care in the community.

Your task for Module 1 is to:

1. Select which family for which you will use the MAP-IT Approach for the SLP.

2. Discuss how you will Mobilize individuals and organizations that care about the

health of your community into a coalition. Identify the individuals and

organizations which will form the basis of your coalition. Discuss how each member

of your coalition can assist each member of your target family.

3. Briefly discuss the problems that underserved populations are confronted with

when seeking care in the community.


Improving a community’s health requires collaboration from multiple stakeholders. The

case of a non-English speaking immigrant family experiencing several health challenges is

enough to empower agents of change to collaborate in meeting the needs of the poor and

underserved groups such as the Latinos. This paper relies on the case of a family with obese,

smoking, and alcoholic parents who only have a high school education. The low income and lack

of insurance undermine the parents' ability to handle chronic conditions such as high blood

pressure, kidney disease, and diabetes. Thus, it is essential to guide the family in the best ways to

achieve the minimum state health requirements for their child and themselves. The parents

should be aware of the relevance of vaccinations, proper nutrition, and conducive housing to live

meaningful lives.

Mobilizing Individuals and Organizations

Community mobilization would play a crucial role in helping the family and other groups

live healthy and responsible lives. The objective is to create collaboration to focus on and

address the pressing issues such as low educational achievement and unhealthy habits like

tobacco smoking and alcoholism that expose individuals and families to severe health

complications. The mobilization will involve establishing a formal structure to provide direction,

elicit dialogue, and handle communication (Greenberg, Davis, Tutt, & Katcher, 2017) . In this

case, a steering committee will pave the way for an agreement on the best approach to lead,

organize, and participate in community-wide efforts. The mobilization will also involve diverse

groups such as young people, educators, health care providers, and community-based

institutions. The process will reinforce a shared sense of commitment and ownership of the plan for addressing the health needs of the non-English speaking group (The Department of Human

and Health Services, 2020). Ideally, the individuals and organizations which form the coalition

include religious leaders, the media, healthcare providers, policymakers, and community-based



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